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1987 Topps Project

I've decided to work on the 1987 Topps set. I love the design, and it's a classic set, one of the last Topps sets before the transition into more modern looking cards, many of which have gloss and hideous designs. It's a 792 card set, great looking design with RCs from Barry Bonds, Barry Larkin, Bobby Bonilla, Rafael Palmiero, Bo Jackson, and quite a few other big names. Here's what I have so far. I'm looking for upgrades on some of them because I prefer cards and signatures in excellent condition and signed in blue sharpie. If you have any to trade, I'd be very interested in a deal.


19 Matt Young 

23 Lee Smith

26 Greg Brock 

59 Ken Dayley

62 Bobby Meacham

73 Dave Anderson  

104 Billy Sample 

114 Billy Beane 

169 Ron Washington

174 Henry Cotto 

185 Roger McDowell 

197 Mark Bailey 

226 Max Venable 

245 Willie Upshaw

285 Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd 

326 Mark Gubicza 

331 Mets Team Leaders (Yogi Berra) 

374 Glenn Hoffman 

387 TR Bryden 

380 Goose Gossage

403 Jerry Royster 

410 Fernando Valenzuela

422 Jack Howell 

426 Floyd Rayford

477 Ken Howell 

504 Rick Anderson

519 Curt Young 

542 Ricky Horton 

548 Bill Mooneyham 

558 Greg Gagne

666 Von Hayes 

675 Ed Romero

682 Jerry Reuss 

683 Gary Roenicke 

684 Kent Tekulve

710 Gary Gaetti

745 Glenn Hubbard 

764 Bill Buckner

767 Ron Cey